Ground Rods

We offer copperclad, sectional, and solid copper ground rods in various lengths. CC represents copperclad and C represents solid copper. The suffix s represents sectional. UL Listed.


Copper Clad Ground Rods Sectional Ground Rods

CC600 1/2" x 8 CC600S 1/2" x 8

CC601 1/2" x 10 CC601S 1/2" x 10

CC604 5/8 x 10 CC604S 5/8 x 10

CC607 3/4" X 10 CC607S 3/4" X 10


Solid Copper Ground Rods

C600 1/2" x 8

C601 1/2" x 10

C604 5/8 x 10

C607 3/4" X 10


Driving Stud

Ground rod coupling used to connect sectional ground rods. Machined from tough copper alloy. Ground rod driving stud for use in protecting the threads on sectional ground rods. Will protect about 20 ground rods under normal conditions.

C611 1/2" Coupling C615 For 1/2" Rods

C612 5/8" Coupling C616 For 5/8" Rods

C613 3/4" Coupling C617 For 3/4" Rods

One Connection Ground Plate

Two Connection Ground Plate

.032 thick high conductivity copper sheet with either one or two bonding plates (catalog number C410) attached to plate. UL Listed


One plate attached Two plates attached

C620 12 X 24 (2 square feet) C623 12 X 24 (2 square feet)

C621 18 X 18 (2 1/3 square feet) C624 18 X 18 (2 1/3 square feet)

C622 36 X 36 (9 square feet) C625 36 X 36 (9 square feet)

C630 Protector Pipe

Copper tube 7 long protector pipe. For use on Class I structures only and cables through 1/2" diameter. Use lead wedge to make electrically continuous with conductor. Secure to wall with Catalog C706.


C630 Copper Protector Pipe

C631 Protector Pipe

Copper tube 7 long with set screw collars at both ends to bond pipe. 3/4" O.D. tube is used where cables are subject to displacement or damage. Secure with catalog number C706.


C631 Copper Protector Pipe

P632 PVC Protector Pipe


1 O.D. Polyvinylchloride (PVC) 10 long for use where cables are subject to displacement or damage. Sunlight resistant. Secure with catalog number C707.


P632 PVC protector pipe

P633 Wood Protector


2 wide treated wood molding 8 long protects cables that are subject to displacement or damage. For cables up to 3/4" diameter. Secure with catalog number G708


P633 Wood protector

641-643 Ground Rod Clamps


Cast bronze ground rod clamp has 1-1/2 of contact and two bolt tension. Available for 1/2", 5/8, or 3/4" ground rods. UL Listed


C641 1/2" Ground Rod Clamp

C642 5/8" Ground Rod Clamp

C643 3/4" Ground Rod Clamp


C644 Universal Ground Clamp


Cast bronze connector ground rod clamp has 2 of contact and fits over all ground rods with all full size cables. UL Listed.


C644 Ground Rod Clamp

C645 U-Bolt ground Rod Clamp


Cast bronze U-bolt ground rod clamp has 1-1/2 of contact with ground rod and cables. Can be used with any ground rod up to 1 diameter. UL Listed.


C645 U-Bolt Ground Rod Clamp


PVC Ground Access Well


PVC ground access well with 10 ID diameter. Metal lid included.


P650 18 Long

P651 24 Long

P652 36 Long

Lead Wedge


Lead wedge used to make conductor electrically continuous with metallic protector at entrance and exit points.


P661 Use with 1/2" ID Pipe

P662 Use with 5/8" ID Pipe

P663 Use with 3/4" ID Pipe

P664 Use with 1" ID Pipe



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