All air terminals are made of solid aluminum or copper rod.  Air terminals can be ordered with a standard 2” taper or safety tipped.  All air terminals are numbered for easy ordering.


First two numbers –designate  point diameter


Second two numbers –designate point length


Prefix A – stands for aluminum


Prefix C – stands for copper


Suffix L – stands for lead dipped


Suffix N – stands for nickel plated


Suffix ST – stands for safety tipped



Examples:                A1212 – Aluminum 1/2" X 12” point

                                C3824ST – Copper 3/8” X 24” safety tipped point

                                C1236LST – Copper 1/2" X 36” leaded safety tipped point


All points over 24” in length – refer to catalog numbers G150 thru G164 for proper bracing.








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